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I'm a freelance sales and marketing consultant based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. With formal qualifications and over 20 years experience, I've helped numerous clients across large and varying industries solve "every day" and complex sales & marketing challenges.

Working closely with you, I can help your business achieve;
- More customers
- More sales
- More often...

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Smart Sales & Marketing Solutions for Growing Businesses

How I’ll Help You…

As your freelance sales and marketing consultant, I bring over 20 years of proven, demonstrated sales and marketing perspective to create and implement strategic sales & marketing plans, determine your business’s key sales and marketing competitive advantages and identify the most appropriate sales and marketing activities to get in front of your right customers, at the the right time with the right messages.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Want more customers that you can sell more of your products or services too, more often? You need a sales & marketing strategy. A sales & marketing strategy defines who your profitable customers are, how to get them and how to keep them.

Sales & Marketing Plan

Need to coordinate and manage all your sales & marketing activities? You need a sales & marketing plan. A sales & marketing plan is a working set of identified, costed actions that need to be carried out along with their time scheduling.

Sales & Marketing Campaign

Want to generate more, quality leads, more often? You need to launch and run a targeted sales & marketing campaign. A sales & marketing campaign uses digital marketing, social media marketing and traditional marketing to attract, engage and convert.

From my experience, the 7 most common sales & marketing concerns Business owners in South East Queensland regularly express are:
  1. Lack of available and experienced sales & marketing resources
  2. How to increase brand visibility to generate quality sales leads
  3. How to choose the right sales & marketing channels to reach new customers
  4. How to consistently implement & manage sales & marketing activities
  5. How to manage sales & marketing costs
  6. How to keep up with sales & marketing trends and technology
  7. Who to trust when outsourcing sales & marketing activities

Your Objective Sales & Marketing Consultant

I will help you gain and retain more customers, more often. My expertise spans the entire sales & marketing spectrum. I’m able to deliver your business a range of services that includes sales & marketing strategy, marketing insight, sales process and sales & marketing consultancy to solve your real-world, sales & marketing challenges.

I care deeply about my client’s businesses and I work hard to discover the unique ways for their brand to cut through the competitive clutter to ensure long lasting, profitable repeat customers, just like I have done for these and many other clients below;

My Work

I believe actions speak louder than words…

In business, I understand the importance of making the right decision especially when it comes to appointing a sales & marketing consultant to support you to grow your business. I know you want to see the evidence, so to help you make your engagement of my services easier, here are a few customer case study snippets to demonstrate what I have done for my clients and in turn what we can do for you.

Online Marketing Consultant

I Helped Pop Up Homes Achieve 76% Annual Growth in Australia’s Worst Performing Financial Year on Record Due to Covid-19

Pop Up Homes is a Hervey Bay, family-owned business delivering 1,2- & 3-bedroom prefabricated housing solutions to customers who are downsizing, extending their current property room square meterage and investors. I worked with Pop Up Homes to implement and manage Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, website design & development as well as sales & marketing consultancy services.

I Helped Ryno Insurance Become One of Australia’s Leading Motor Insurance Brands

Ryno Insurance is a specialist insurance company based in Brisbane. Founded in 2006, I worked with Ryno insurance to create a competitive sales & marketing strategy and manage the build of a new look, brand website and implementation manage a range of digital marketing services that included Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation as well as regular, on-going sales & marketing consultancy.

I Helped Launch Brisbane’s Newest Personal Training Brand, PT&ME

PT&ME is a specialised at home and premise personal training provider based in Brisbane. I managed the development of a new look & feel website and implementation managed both Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing activations to raise PT&ME’s brand awareness and generation of regular, repeat business.

I Helped Goop Gang Become a Leading Gut Health & Wellness Brand in Australia

GoopGang is a proven, 30-day Gut Cleanse and Weight Loss Program designed to teach people about healthy food consumption based on the Gold Coast. I worked with GoopGang on a range of aspects for their new business venture – from branding, website design and development, digital marketing, social media marketing and on-going sales & marketing consultancy.

I Helped Assessly Launch Australia’s Newest Digital Learning Platform

Assessly is a privately owned, educational assessment platform. Built for educators by educators, Assessly’s objective is to provide a smart software platform that allows schools and teachers to be more effective and efficient with their time to better understand their students, implement effective teaching and provide positive feedback. I worked with Assessly to develop their brand strategy, brand identity, digital marketing activation plan, website and provide ongoing sales & marketing consultancy services.

Still Thinking About It?

Here are 9 good reasons why you should hire me as your freelance sales & marketing consultant

External perspective

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When you are entrenched in your business and concerned with its day-to-day operation it can be hard to see how your business is perceived by the external market. Your brand might make total sense to you, after all you live and breathe it, but do those outside of your business understand it and know what you are offering? As a freelance marketing consultant I can provide this external perspective and help you communicate and align your brand to those potential clients you are trying to reach.

See the wood for the trees

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As an external freelance marketing consultant, I will bring an independent, unbiased viewpoint that is not already within your organisation. I’m not constrained by the internal politics or bogged down in the day-to-day events and as such can help your business to set clear objectives and define your strategy. Your business will be more successful as a result.

Affordable expertise

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As your freelance marketing consultant, I can supply specific skills that might not be viable or affordable to your business as a full-time resource. Smaller businesses, which might not be able to afford a senior level marketer could employ an in-house junior marketer to manage the day-to-day tasks and use an external marketing consultant to provide the missing strategic expertise on a freelance basis.

Unlock time

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Using an experienced marketing consultant to handle your marketing requirements will free up your time to concentrate on other parts of the business. A marketing consultant is also likely to be more efficient and productive with this time as it is their area of expertise.

Avoid the trial and error

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An experienced marketing consultant will have worked on a number of different marketing initiatives and will probably have a very good understanding of what works for your industry and what doesn’t. Tapping into this wealth of experience will prevent you from wasting time and money on marketing exercises which are unlikely to benefit your business.

Scale up and down as needed

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One of the great advantages of using an external marketing consultant is that you can be more flexible with the level of support you buy in. You can opt for more assistance during a busy time and cut back when your marketing requirements are slightly less. This level of flexibility is unlikely to be possible with a permanent member of staff.

Critical friend

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A marketing consultant will ask those hard questions that others in your business may not want to ask and will challenge your marketing and business decisions. Challenging the status quo can result in positive and more productive ways of doing things. Your marketing consultant will always have the best interests of your business at heart.

Access to a broad spectrum of useful business contacts

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Most marketing consultants are frenetic networkers and as such will have many relevant business contacts which you can gain access to through your relationship with the consultant. This in itself might open up new opportunities to your business.

Save money

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Can you be sure that your current marketing expenditure is directed in the right way or is effective? An experienced marketing professional will review your existing marketing activity and might be able to suggest alternative activities which could produce a greater return on investment and/or cost less to implement.


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